Africa is Poetic

Mmmmmm, my mind is thinking where to start with this blog but anyways gotta greet all you guys in the name of the most high that you all give Ur respect too.

Growing up in Africa was the best part of my childhood. Many things did happen as  part of the growing up process but what i am and what I believe in today is because of what mama Africa instilled in me 

Every time when we got our holidays, our parents would send us off to the villages to spend time with our grannies and of course to help them with digging and fetching fire wood.

Days in the village where all about out door playing since there was no television, no video games and no electricity. so what we did when the sun came down was the best part, we used to all sit down around the fire place staring at the open sky as our grand ma would recite African stories, these are stories that have been around for many generations.

Africa is a very big continent with very many different tribes and cultures. with the abundance of cultures lies abundance of poetry and despite the colonialism and the partition of Africa, we still kept our cultures and these stories are told through poetry. 

I used this childhood experience to create some T shirts to remind the people that we are and we will always be poetic. I think some people are offended by this statement but i think its who we are and who we will always be.